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Currently unlearning my personal agreements. Madrid.

Your inner self is waiting for you to sit down and explore the universe that is you.

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100 days writing a journal every morning.

100 days doing inner work to understand what is going on with me

100 days looking for answers.

100 days creating a habit.

I started practicing journaling at the beginning of 2021, to be more precise it was January 17th, 2021. Why did I start, you may ask. …

Change your mindset on how you invest your money in yourself and you will start to live a happier life.

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I start earning my own money in December 2019, when I started working after college, before that I was comfortable enough with the money my mother kindly gave to me (thank you, mom). I’ve learned how to manage myself and how to save some money aside each month to later invest.

I'm not addicted to anything in particular so I don't have important fixed expenses. Also, I live with my mom so I'm also lucky enough to not have to pay for living arrangements, in other words: The basics.

My relationship with money has changed and now I am more…

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Time is a crazy concept. Sometimes a minute feels like ten, and one week passes by in a second. Well, I certainly don't want to ruin this moment but it is almost a year since March 2020: The Lockdown. I will let you tell me if it felt like a year or like a decade.

One year.

What’s in a year? Almost just like the famous What's in a name, by William Shakespeare. Years are normally full of different events, ups and downs, learnings, and wonderful experiences, but this last year really wanted to compete with modern history.

I do…

Nani Quinteros

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